Quality Assurance on Demand

Little Boxes offers a variety of software testing or quality assurance packages, that include functional testing, non-functional testing, performance testing, and UX/UI testing.

Service Description
Ad Hoc Testing Testing applications or software upon request, sometimes without enough provided documentation.
Functional Testing Functional Testing is software testing wherein the software or system is tested against functional requirements and specifications. Functions are tested to ensure that the requirements are fully satisfied by the system. When availing of this service, items such as Test Plans, Acceptance Criteria, Test Cases will be provided as needed.
Performance testing Performance tests are done to validate applications’ performance and its impact on the devices and other metrics.
UX/UI testing UI testing is done to validate uniformity, appearance, and other elements of design of the system, usually done together with Functional testing. However, this can also be done solely just for a quick review. UX testing, on the other hand, is done to check how the software or system interacts with the user.
UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Also known as beta or end-user testing is done to review if the software or system is already acceptable. In practice, feedback is gathered to collate what areas can be improved. This is then provided to the developer for change requests or consideration.
Automation Testing Automation testing is provided in order to curb repetitiveness, especially with smaller applications. Automation tests can then be run upon request. For those availing automated testing services, the code can be provided with instructions after it has been completed.
Load Testing Load testing is a type of non-functional testing. A load test is type of software testing which is conducted to understand the behavior of the application under a specific expected load. Load testing is performed to determine a system's behavior under both normal and at peak conditions.

Deliverables: Testing reports will be provided at the end of each test cycle. Sample reports can be provided upon requesting a quote.

Development services

We have experience in creating various projects ranging from online shops, hotel booking, hotel websites, POS, inventory systems, and more. With our in-house project manager, we are able to track progress effectively, transparently, and on schedule.

Deliverables: Proper documentation will be provided ranging from proposals, scope definition, user stories, proper kickoff, and others will be provided.

Service Description
Website Creation and Maintenance Website creation ranges from basic Wordpress setup (installation, content population, page arrangements, and plugin installation), static website creation, to complex web applications.
Mobile App Creation We cater to native iOS and Android mobile applications, as well as hybrid applications.
Ad Hoc Testing Testing applications or software upon request, sometimes without enough provided documentation.

Writing Services

With almost 15 years' experience in freelance writing. We offer writing services catering a range of needs, such as: technical documentation, manuals, blog posts, content writing, SEO content writing, social media posts, and more.

Service Description
Blog writing services We create well structured blog posts that are based on various topics. 1 relevant image is provided for every blog post created. This can be done upon schedule or upon demand.
Technical Documentation creation Through our extensive experience in IT, Little Boxes is able to create technical documentation such as manuals, software documentation for client turnover, software description writeup, among others.
Website content creation Website content is content that is different from blog posts as it is often placed in websites that are separate from blogs. This involves creating content that will be used throughout a website. We have had experience in creating content for websites from scratch.


We currently have a plethora of additional services and solutions for startups and individuals. Whatever the problem may be, we have a solution for you, at totally affordable rates. Let us know your dilemma, and we will let you know how we can help! Consultation is free of charge.

Service Description
Data Entry services We offer data entry services through the efforts of meticulous researchers. What we require is sample of the data required, partial description in case there are specifics, and other boundaries.
Virtual Assistance If you have no time to deal with some email sending, RSVPs to invitations, appointment setting, and other menial tasks, we can help with anything based on the number of hours that you need.